Sonja Ratkay is currently living & working in Tiohtià:ke or Montréal.

In her work, materials are the traces of intangible emotions, thoughts, and moments and materiality is a means to navigate the threshold between interior and exterior realms. Plaster, spice, ribbon, glue, detritus, paper, cloth, and yarn merge in and out of each other. Materials embrace each other, sometimes absorbing into one another. Writing is wrapped around abstracted body parts, text turns into a drawn rock-like formation. Gestures are used as language and language used as gestures. Some moments are impulsive, not very self aware, and humble whereas others are meticulous, planned and repetitively created. These processes co-exist in extreme pushes of mental space: meditative hums and energetic hurls.

Liminal states of being are often the subject matter; being on autopilot through muscle memory, being partially asleep after a nap, walking down a corridor and having a moment of déjà vu. Using motifs of fleshy text and abstracted bodies featuring organs and veins but also ghost-like extensions and shadows, she draws attention to skins and boundaries of bodies in space, and the im/materiality of memory and perception.