Seed, Stone, Star

Sitting With Myself
White bronze, cotton, stuffing

Stone Mother
White bronze, cotton, stuffing, stones

Soft Portal
Undyed wool yarn on silk organza

Neural Blur
Ink on paper

Ink on paper

Celestial Nodes
Ink on paper

Small children look at themselves in the mirror. They don’t realize they are seeing themselves until they do. I sit with this reflection in my mind. Remembering dreams, sorting through them, moving alongside logics. My hand touches my reflection until it fuses, I pull back, my arm grows, turning into a tangled nest. The arm is a cord connecting to itself. The location is the destination and back again.

A womb filled with stones, full to the brim with death and rebirth. I can see myself in her eyes, but she can’t see me. She sees patterns, dancing souls, a dangled carrot in front of the abyss. She is heavy in her womb and in her heart so she lies down. She isn’t sleeping but she isn’t awake either. She turns and looks at them. They are not her children, they are her.

States of mind walk in different directions, but here they gather. Lines travel densely, caught in loose thoughts, connecting them. Swirling membranes and curdled milk in a warm place to rest and think. Pools reflect eyes, small and big. Connections and patterns pollinating the internal world. I follow a thought, coming up for air through the pores. Sifting through substance, a soft yarn to hold on to and pull to the end. A soul with seams.

Photography by Laurence Poirier